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The Taming of the Shrew Done with the shallow bachelorettes of his world, intellectual Katarin revels in rebellion and fights the injustices of the system; his younger brother, the charming bachelor Bianco, aspires to be the darling of society… along with every woman in the city of Padua, all clamouring for his attention and conspiring to snag him! That is, nearly every woman… all except for Petra, self-acknowledged cougar and black sheep of high society, who has very different ideas about her ideal husband. Perhaps playing unexpected roles will bring success … and somewhere in the middle, the two men might find real love. Shakespeare’s hotly contentious comedy about love, gender roles and expectations has been both argued about and laughed at for hundreds of years. In The Acting Factory’s bold new interpretation of The Taming of the Shrew, helmed by director Winsome Barker and producers Sari Hickey and Ian Zammit, the gender roles will be flipped: All the female roles will be played by men and the men by women. The piercing text will remain the same, asking the question: Is this wild comedy simply a sexist commentary on how we see women and men, or an incredibly insightful and modern comedy about subverting society’s expectations - as well as your own - when it comes to love? The Acting Factory will present “The Taming of the Shrew” on the shores of the Nepean River, Penrith. Performances will be Friday and Saturday evenings over three weekends from late February, 2016.

Character & Cast breakdown

We are looking for actors committed to the production and keen to create and work in a respectful, supportive, respectful and professionally minded ensemble. Performing experience in Shakespearean or classic texts is essential. Many roles will be doubled up.

1. Christopher Sly/Merchant (male, 50+)- Christopher Sly- older male, poor, vagrant drunk. A trick is played on him by a Lord who stumbles upon Sly while on his way home from a hunt. PLUS - Merchant- A merchant recently from Mantua, whom Lucentia tricks into pretending to be Lucentia's father, Vicentio.

2. Lord/Vincentio (male, 50+)- Lord- A very wealthy businessman whose practical joke on sly dominates the induction setting up the play within the play 'The Taming Of The Shrew’. PLUS - Vincentio- Father to Lucentia.

3.Katrin/Player? (male, mid 20’s) - the 'Shrew' the play's title. Oldest Son of Baptista and brother to Bianco. Strong willed and cynical as a result of being chased by women, in his opinion, for his money. He feels he has an intellectual superiority and has no patience for others. He doesn't have a father figure. He was spoilt by as his mother as a result growing up.

4. Bianco/Player? (male, early 20’s)- younger brother to the shrew, youngest and favoured son of Baptista Minola, artistic, quiet, brooding, nonthreatening type. Many ladies compete, bachelor style for his hand.

5. Baptista Minola/Player? (female, 45+)- rich lady of Padua, mother of two young men. She is good hearted and generous towards her two sons, lavishing them with expensive books and education but is at a loss at how to deal with Katrin who is a product of her indulging them growing up.

6. Petra/Player? (female, mid 30’s)- rich gentlewoman from Verona. Loud, boisterous, eccentric and very quick witted. After a husband who matches her affluence and Katrin fits the bill. She is intrigued by the challenge of Katrin.

7. Lucentia/Player? (female, mid 20’s)- Young noblewoman from Pisa in Padua to study. Falls in love at first sight with Bianco and schemes to win his hand. Very bright and positive, well educated but with a sense of a naivety. She disguises herself as classics instructor, ‘Cambia’. Reliant and close to her PA Trania. 8. Trania/Player? (female, mid 30’s)- Lucentia's PA and escort, a little older than Lucentia and more worldly. She is wily. Disguises self as Lucentia to help court Bianco. (9.?) Bartholemew/Biondello- Bartholemew- Servant of the Lord. PLUS Biondellosecond servant to Lucentia, then later to ‘Lucentia’ (Trania in disguise). (10.?) Gremia/Player? (female, early 30’s)- gentlewoman suitor to Bianco. Disguises self as teacher to court Bianco. (11.?) Hortensia/Player? (female, early 30’s)- gentlewoman suitor to Bianco, and an old friend of Petra’s. Also disguises self as teacher to court Bianco. (12.?) - Grumio (male, mid 30’s) - Petra’s servant, bodyguard and the fool of the play.

Casting Call / Audition Notice
Auditions will be held on 7, 8, 14 and 15 November, with offers made on Monday 16
This is a profit-share role in agreement with the entire company. Rehearsals will be held
on Saturdays and Sundays between November 2015 through to February 2016, with a
break over Christmas/New Year.
Applications: To apply for an audition, email Sari Hickey with a cover letter briefly telling
us why you want to work on this production of The Taming of the Shrew (max. 1 page).
Ensure you include your current CV and headshot. Successful applicants will be
contacted with an Audition details.
Closing date for applications is Wednesday 4th November 2015.


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