The Dumb Waiter and The Lover
by Harold Pinter, were performed at the Q Theatre, Railway St, Penrith from August 25 to September 5, 2004.
Production Manager: Brett Jeffers
Production Designer: Leone Sharp
Lighting Design: Brendon McDonall
Lighting Operator: Elizabeth Ward
Stage Manager: Kate Price
Stage Crew: Andrew Broderick, Michael Burge, David B. Fowler, Leanne Morse, Drew Pearson
Set Construction: David Hoey, Kenny Graham
Set Dressing: Laurence Cripps

Publicist: Christina Harding
Publicity Assistant: Laura Boon
Front of House Manager: Lisa Larson
Graphic Artwork: David Hoey
Production Co-ordinator: Linda Stainton
The Dumb Waiter
Director: Sherreen Hennessy
Ben: Andrew Broderick
Gus: Michael Burge
Two hitmen, in a confined space, waiting, waiting. . . . for what? To do a job. What happens when we make people wait. . . . ? Trivia is the greatest breeder of drama and these two hitmen are reduced to arguing over the most trivial situations. This is the 5th production for the Acting Factory and attracting people to this company of the calibre of Fiona, Lynne and Bill is a testament to the verve and energy that is the Arts in the West. Thanks for being here. Enjoy the show.
The Lover
Director: Fiona Press
Richard: Bill Conn
Sarah: Lynne McGranger
John: Andrew Broderick
Lynne brought this play to the Acting Factory and we have all, since, fallen in love with The Lover. This production transposes the play from its original context of the 1960s and British middle class into a contemporary setting; our world, where it is all too easy to pull down the blinds against the chaos outside. It’s so tempting to retreat to the safety of an ordered, interior life where the acquiring and arranging of things can give an illusion of control over the messy, frightening big picture. We love the play’s witty invitation to quit compartmentalising our lives and instead to embrace all the mucky, funny joy of a natural, sensual exchange; to open the blinds and invite the outside in.
READ REVIEW by Stephen Dunne (SMH)
Voted Critics Pick of the Week (SMH Metro)


Graphic Design by David Hoey

 Michael Burge as Gus and Andrew Broderick as Ben

 Lynne McGranger as Sarah and Bill Conn as Richard

 Photo's by Jo King & David B Fowler


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