The Three Pigs
Adapted by: Terry Hansen
Performed a second season at Penrith Regional Gallery and Lewers Bequest from the 4th - 27th of January, 2008, with an additional season at the Norman Linsay Gallery from the 19th - 27th April Taht same year.

Director: Mark Hudson
Production Manager: David Hoey

HAMLET:   Andrew Broderick
FRANCES BACON:   Gabrielle DeCelis
PIGGY NINNY:   David Hoey
THE BIG BAD WOLF:   Brendan O'connel.

Graphic Design by David Hoey

Andrew Broderick as Hamlet and Gabriell DeCelis as Fances Bacon.
David Hoey as Piggy Ninny, Gabrielle DeCelis as Frances Bacon, Brenden O'Connell as The Big Bad Wolf and Andrew Broderick as Hamlet.

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